September 5, 2013

An obsession for fame and fashion triggers a group of teenagers to track celebrities on the internet in order to rob their lavish homes and couture-stuffed closets. 'The Bling Ring' (2013) follows the days and thefts of these young kids, showering us with selfie sessions, cafe lattes and pointless conversations about Dior dresses and Paris hilton DUY’s.

The characters in this movie are statedly represented as flat personalities that are nothing more than just visual figures, perfect in slow-motion moments captured by Sofia Coppola, like the long walk of Rebecca (Katie Chang) holding a cup of coffee under the California sun. A glimpse of conscience comes from Marc (Israel Broussard), who seems to occasionally reflect about the consequences of their actions and, in a way, reflect our own inner voices, as mere observants of these events.

As uncomfortable as we may feel with such shallowness and lack of judgement, we may also feel conflicted with a strange attraction to the "Bonnie and Clyde" spirit layered under this story. But let’s not feel guilty about it. The fact that Sofia Coppola’s characters always look utterly cool does not really help with our judgement abilities, right?

But I can actually understand why some people may see this movie as a dangerous glorification of a wasted Millennial Generation. Despite the detachment and the lack of emotional involvement we have with the characters, there's an attraction to the reckless lifestyle and the perfect visual portrait that speaks to the back of your mind.

A few months after the movie was released, a group of random girls crashed into a party in Paris Hilton's Malibu house, went into her bedroom and tried to steal bikinis, handbags and framed pics. They where unsuccessful in their plan, as they were caught and ran away, leaving the loot behind, but they were clearly Bling Ring wannabes. They were just girls, probably in the same age range and maybe seduced by this cinematic portrait.

But blaming Sofia Coppola, the actors and all the people who made this movie does not feel right. ‘The Bling Ring’ is an accurate portrait of a self-obsessed, social media generation, completely dominated by celebrity culture. And Sofia made it to perfection.

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