August 9, 2014

Frank Miller is a huge reference for comic book fans since the 1980s, but for simple people like me, he only became a household name when 'Sin City' premiered back in 2005 (one year before '300', the story of king Leonidas). With so little information I had about him, I was still able to see that he is an extraordinary artist and writer, even if these outstanding, violent tales that he tells are not for every soul.

Based on Miller's graphic novel 'Xerxes', the recent movie '300: Rise of an Empire' (2014) tells us a violent epic story in picture perfect graphics. It remains faithful to the spirit of bloodshed that defines Miller's work, with red as the conductive color in a sepia toned world. Blood spreads as easy as the story is told, with some rather cool subjective shots where blood gets into the lens of the camera, making us even more involved in the brutality of the battle scenes.

Rodrigo Santoro, the dreamy Brazilian actor, appears as the powerful and cruel Xerxes, the godly king of Persia, in a great transformation (something that we had already seen in '300') but the real performance comes from Eva Green. The actress seems to be tailor made for these somber, yet charming, characters (she's perfect in 'Penny Dreadful'). As the tortured and vengeful Artemisia, commander of the Persian army, this French actress steals the scene and becomes the memorable character in this story. Apart from this powerful evil duo, everything becomes a blur and, at a point, you see yourself rooting for the evil Persian forces instead of supporting the (less cruel) Greeks.

So if you're up for some blood and fierceness, go ahead and take a look at this violence masterpiece. Just promise you don't do it after pizza.

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