July 25, 2016

As you follow the story of 'The Big Short', you tragically realize how easy it must have been for director Adam McKay and his writers to create a comedy out of such an insane reality.

The film follows the life of those who were able to predict the crash of the housing market three years before it happened, back in 2008. But this is not a movie about heroes or fighters for the truth. It’s about a diverse group of despicable money managers and traders who decided to profit from catastrophe through an erratic financial system.

As terrible as it is to see how the action unfolds into disaster, it is also a useful lesson for those who (like me) don’t know the financial lingo and never completely understood what caused the recent stock market crash. The plot is presented in a rather simple narrative and, along the film, you are provided with a couple of humorous intermissions where some unexpected celebrities dumb down financial terms and concepts that you need to understand in order to follow the story.

So, it’s not just about Steve Carell showing you how good of an actor he is by making an everlasting bad hair day work or about Ryan Gosling showing you… well, himself. The movie is a rather functional and entertaining tool for those who want to grasp what the insane reality of Wall Street really is.

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